A Holiday in Alsace

A wonderful region to spend your next holiday, Alsace has everything your heart could desire for a relaxing getaway filled with charm, culture, relaxation and a little adventure. A region that specializes in world famous wine, rich history in the Colmar and Strasbourg regions and unique culture found nowhere else in France, Alsace is a perfect getaway in a cozy corner of the world.

Have the best holiday in Alsace.

Visitors to Alsace immediately fall in love with the unique charm and atmosphere of this quiet but vibrant region of the east France. Home to vineyards that produce wines of exquisite varieties, flavorful and rich gastronomy and landscapes that are unmatched, it's easy to see why visitors flock to the region whenever they need to get away. Nestled in the heart of Alsace, in Obernai, the Hotel Les Jardins d'Adalric is a quiet, secluded getaway that provides a central location for exploring everything Alsace has to offer while being away from the acitvity for a relaxing time of recharge between ventures. At the hotel you can enjoy a nice apertif poolside or overlooking the garden before going out to the many wonderful dining options in town. If you choose to stay in, a selection of bars offers a mood to fit your needs and a selection of world famous Alsatian wines to suit your desires.

Have the holiday you envisioned

When on holiday the options are endless and it can be daunting deciding which of the many choices to do first. Centrally located, Obernai allows visitors to choose their direction for the day and make short trips to the popular destinations. A trip to Strabourg to explore the german-french architecture and observe the famous Cathédrale Notre-Dame is only thirty minutes from your door while Colmar and it's romantic atmosphere are twenty. From the exposed wood facade of Hotel Les Jardins d'Adalric a walk through scenic vineyards is at your fingertips, along with a lovely downtown perhaps best enjoyed in a horse drawn carriage on a cool summer night. Whatever option you choose, from your secluded holiday in Alsace nest at the Hotel Les Jardins d'Adalric everything is within reach.

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