The hotel Les Jardins d'Adalric – Well-being and Relaxation

At the Jardins d'Adalric, wellness hotel in Obernai, we have our own on-site outdoor swimming pool, but this is obviously not available all year round. However, within a short walk of the hotel is a very large aquatic and fitness centre that is open 10 hours every day, throughout the year.  The centre is equipped with all that you need to fit into your normal fitness programme or maybe you would like to kick start that keep-fit resolution you keep promising yourself.  Whatever the reason, our team will be happy to provide you with information about the centre.

Aquatic Centre – Water Fun For Health and wellness in Obernbai, France

The aquatic centre has a wide variety of activities available as well as being open for the normal fun and games in the water.  A member of our hotel team will be happy to outline for you the various pursuits, ranging from jogging and cycling in the pool through to three  styles of gym class that range in intensity from beginner and toning sessions to high impact for those who want something a little more invigorating. 

For children the centre offers classes for little ones from 6 months to 6 years old.  This can be the perfect opportunity for parents to introduce their baby or toddler to the delights of water play, fun and safety.  One afternoon a week the pool is turned into a fun play area for children and their parents, with foam mats and other floating obstacles.  The centre do ask though that you provide adult supervision for those children under the age of twelve. Many of our guests delight in having such a wonderful centre so near at hand.

This spa centre, located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel Les Jardins d'Adalric, is ideal for a wellness and relaxation stay in Obernai, Alsace.

Other services available in this wellness hotel in Obernai

If water activities are not your preference when thinking of fitness and well-being then talk with a member of our team about other activities available.  The fitness area is equipped with the latest technological equipment for toning and improving your fitness for both beginners and advanced users. So even on a dull and wet day you can indulge yourself in a little running or cycling.  Then, of course, after all that strenuous activity you may wish to pamper yourself with a little relaxation. What could be more perfect than spoiling yourself with a sauna or Hammam?  Then if you are feeling brave the cold bath or the temperate Tepidarium to cool down after the intense heat.

Obernai's 3-star hotel, Les Jardins d'Adalric, is a perfect destination for a relaxing and wellness moment in Alsace, France.

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