Visit the organic agriculture fair BIObernai in Alsace

Each year, the organic agriculture show in Alsace welcomes nearly 21 000 visitors in the large market of Obernai. Bringing together the conviviality of the city and the world of nature in one place, BIObernai is the meeting place for fans of organic products and the discovery of the historic city of Obernai.

BIObernai, a growing Alsatian trade fair

With a number of visitors that continues to grow every year, the BIObernai show demonstrates the appreciation of the participants for organic products. Moreover, the media are numerous to share the echo of this market with spectacular development. On the other hand, each edition of BIObernai is a real opportunity for visitors to discover or rediscover the environmental protection work done by Alsatian farmers.

Gathering several actors of the world of organic farming installed in Alsace or elsewhere, the fair becomes a showcase of organic. Are you a nature lover or do you respect a health ethic based on organic farming? You will just have to go to the BIObernai fair to live three days of happiness in the heart of a city with an undeniable charm.

Experience the friendly spirit of BIObernai in a 3-star hotel in Obernai

Based on the same theme as the big village festival, the BIObernai agricultural fair is organized in an open-air market. Thus, breeders, farmers, producers, craftsmen and processors exhibit their products on site to let visitors taste their work. Whatever your expectations, interests and needs, you will enjoy three days of discovery with the fair. For a successful stay, it is important to choose the best accommodation in Obernai. Thanks to its passion for hospitality, Les Jardins d'Adalric is the hotel to choose during a program in Alsace. Located in the city of Obernai, this hotel provides a magnificent landscape to contemplate the beauty of the forests and vineyards. Between gastronomy and swimming pool embedded in the center of a garden, this place makes you plunge in the heart of Alsace for an unforgettable moment. Just a stone's throw from the BIObernai agricultural exhibition, Les Jardins d'Aldaric is the perfect starting point for a successful visit to the city.

As for the rooms, they have been designed to offer a contemporary spirit with quality decorations. Comfort room, Classic room, Duplex suite or Superior room, you only have to choose between those of the hotel for your visit in Obernai.

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